Dear fellow veterans,

Help us independently evaluate your North Charleston Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation office. Your input can help to shape the future experiences of our veterans and offer critical insight on a program that has the potential to sharply improve the trajectory of our disabled veterans lives. This survey is both Annonymous and Confidential. 

I have had personal experience with the North Charleston VA Vocational Rehabilitation Office *
Are you a US Veteran that sought services through the North Charleston VA Vocational Rehabilitation Office? If so, this is your opportunity to provide anonymous feedback while keeping your identity confidential. We are not affiliated with, paid by, contracted through or funded by the VA, DOD or any other government agency. All data is being privately collected through our Agency, Operation Vet Fit. Results of this study will be provided to the South Carolina, Columbia Regional VA office Director, The Secretary of the VA, Congress and the President of the United States for their use in understanding and improving future VA services governed in this jurisdiction.
Satisfaction Survey *
Satisfaction Survey
Please answer the following questions so that we may provide as much service satisfaction information as possible.
I had no problems or issues with this office
My objectives and goals were respected
My Voc Rehab Counselor supported my career objectives
They supported my desire to earn a college degree
They seemed more interested in getting me a dead end job
They made me feel concerned that I would lose my service connected disability income benefits if I got a college degree through the program
The process was smooth and easy to utilize
They recommended I get a college degree through the program
They attempted to discourage me from attaining a college degree
My counselor claimed to be the gatekeeper of taxpayer dollars
I felt empowered when I left that office
I felt humiliated when I left that office
I felt optimistic when I left that office
I felt discouraged when I left that office
I felt angry when I left that office
The VA Video about the Voc Rehab program matched my experience in the North Charleston Voc Rehab office
If I had any issues, I was able to count on a manager or supervisor to assist
My counselor was always timely in processing required paperwork to ensure my housing/living subsidy continued
I really felt like a valued member of the veteran community through this program
They seemed more eager to get me to use the SC Works employment services to find a job rather than helping me get an education in order to attain a better career path
They seemed more concerned about my prior life "issues" than my future life goals and objectives
My counselor came across as condescending
My counselor was very professional and helpful
I'd recommend this program to other veterans
I left the program or office out of frustration
I refuse to use that office for Voc Rehab services
I have filed a complaint against this office or my counselor and it was handled effectively
Any complaints I have had against my counselor were ignored
My VA Voc-Rehab Counselor Name *
My VA Voc-Rehab Counselor Name
Who was or is your vocational rehabilitation counselor at this North Charleston VA Voc Rehab office?
OPTIONAL: Feel free to provide any further information that may be helpful in articulating your experiences at this North Charleston VA Vocational Rehabilitation office.