"There is also something called post traumatic growth"

"If you assume that there is something wrong with people, if you do it long enough, expectations are very strong. There is also something called posttraumatic growth, where you come out of a situation like that (combat) and you actually feel kinder toward your fellow man, fellow women; that you’re actually a better husband, father; you actually have a closer relationship with your God. You do not have to go around apologizing as if there is some rage in you. Although if we tell our veterans enough that this is what’s wrong with them, they may actually start believing it. I would just say there is one misperception of our veterans, and that is they are somehow damaged goods. I don’t buy it and I think that that kind of self-pity while victimhood in America is exalted; I don’t think our veterans should join those ranks (General James Mattis, 2017).

Per Aspera ad astra

"Through hardship to the stars"

We reach out directly to our policy makers when matters require immediate resolution.

The reality is, those that have been in combat are more resilient as a result of what they have witnessed and endured...

Our veterans have gone on to launch other companies that too inspire hope through selfless service.

Many are utilizing their GI Bill to earn undergraduate and advanced degrees..

Our agency members are leaders in their communities, often helping the hungry and poor.

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We step up for our fellow veterans, especially our WWII combat brothers that have been exploited or neglected.

Operation Vet Fit members are finding purpose after military service.

We have identified the key causes and provided real solutions to the veterans suicide epidemic..

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