Marijuana Vs. Pain, Anxiety and Depression

Operation Vet Fit is recruiting men and women over the age of eighteen to volunteer to participate in a ground breaking study on Marijuana. Interested participants may anonymously register for the study here. Study participants remain anonymous and identities remain confidential. Participants will utilize their own marijuana for the study. Marijuana will not be provided by our research team.

Study participants will be asked to complete a series of questions prior to and following their use of marijuana. The entire process take less than 1 hour to complete and can be done wherever the participant is most comfortable utilizing marijuana. Participants will be able to complete the study via computer or smart phone at any time following submission of this registration. 

Upon submission of registration, participants will be provided with website links and passwords to anonymously complete the study. 

What State do you live in? (this question is optional but it will help us with better demographic data analysis)
This is an optional question but will help us better understand our population sample.
Please let us know if you are a recreational or medicinal user of Marijuana. (Medicinal would require a medical card, recreational would not)
Feel free to provide any information about yourself that might be helpful to researchers. This is an optional field.